I Got Box Braids!

20 Sep

 Guys, it’s happened or it’s happening either way it’s going down…  Lola has been driving me mad lately. My cute, easy twa, isn’t so cute or so easy and is definitely no longer a twa. I have hit an awkward phase. As I said in a previous post Lola is around 3.5 -4 inches and at this length my coil outs aren’t as easy. My coil outs aren’t quite as fab as they used to be and my twist out attempts have been complete DISASTERS! So bad that my mother handed me a copy of Essence with the page folded to an article on natural hairstyles for “inspiration” aka code for letting me know what I’m doing really ain’t it.  So I got box braids!

By now we all know that box braids are back with a vengeance. They’ve been spotted on many of our favorite celebs from our super fly sister in natural hair Solange and sister King B to one of the original box braided celebs MO-to the E-to the aka Brandy.

I’d  planned to wear some kind of protective style during the winter but Lola’s awkward stage has moved things a head of schedule. I am hoping to keep the box braids for about 2 months  then do genie locs and perhaps even a weave. This plan is of course dependent  on the condition of my hair.  I am going to do a separate  post on how I intend to care for my  braids tomorrow but for now I am off to Google hairstyles for box braids and listen to Patra.

You like?

2 Responses to “I Got Box Braids!”

  1. ToniV September 20, 2012 at 8:34 pm #

    Haha @ Listen to Patra..
    Looks good on you! I am in the same phase and was considering doing a protective style myself but my finger coils are doing better than expected…

    • iambarbiedee September 20, 2012 at 11:13 pm #

      Thanks! As soon as I got my hair braided I looked in the mirror and started singing Pull Up to My Bumper. This awkward phase is no joke! You are lucky you can still rock the finger coils.

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