Did I Mention I Got Yarn Braids?

9 Nov

If you  follow me on Instagram (chichappenz) you probably have already seen these pictures but if you don’t here are a couple of pictures of my new yarn braids/genie locs. At first I wasn’t too crazy about them but they are growing on me. I purchased the yarn from my local Walmart it is the  Red Heart brand in the super saver size.  A friend braided my hair so I can’t offer a tutorial but I know there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube under yarn braids or genie locs. I will care for my yarn braids using the same products and methods that I used on my box braids. From what I have read yarn braids/genie locs are really good at keeping your hair well moisturized. I am planning to keep them in for 6 weeks but knowing me it will be more like 4 weeks.

Are you wearing protective styles this winter?

One Response to “Did I Mention I Got Yarn Braids?”

  1. Ashley W. November 14, 2012 at 5:05 am #

    Pretty! I’m rocking senegalese twists now…not really for protection but because my time is so limited right now! I love them and would like to try yarn braids next.

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