The Central Park Five

8 Jan

Good morning Beauties,


My blog is primarily about natural hair and fashion however, last night I watched a documentary on The Central Park Five last night and I just had to post something about the film. The Central Park Five were a group of five minority youth ages 14-17, who were wrongfully accused and subsequently imprisoned for the brutal rape of Trisha Melli “The Central Park Jogger” in Central Park in the late 1980’s. Exhausted and frightened, the boys confessed to having committed the crime (confessions which the boys say were obtained through intimidation, coercion and fear).  None of the DNA or physical evidence in the case indicated that any of the  boys committed the brutal crime and their confessions were contradictory.  The boys retracted their confessions but they were still found guilty. They maintained their innocence throughout their prison terms. Eventually, the actual rapist Matias Reyes confessed to having committed the crime, ALONE! and the boys, now men were exonerated.

There should be no denying that the justice system failed these boys, the police, the DA, their defense attorneys, all  failed these boys. Careers were built on this case and few of those involved are willing to admit they got it wrong, terribly and horribly wrong. But the sad reality is they did get it wrong, they sent five innocent boys to jail for a crime they didn’t commit. The five men are currently seeking $50 million dollars each in damages from the New York Police Department, current and former police officers and the Manhattan district attorney’s office. The City is trying to get the suit thrown out saying it stands by the decisions of the police and the prosection.

I implore you to see this documentary it is available On Demand and in select movie theatres, check fandango for a theatre near you also please Google their story.


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