We know girls love Beyonce, but do men hate braids?

6 Aug

Hi Beauties!

First off please excuse the title of my post, I am  obsessed with that damn Drake song!  Anyway, a few weeks ago a really good guy friend and I were talking and the subject of hair came up, specifically braids. I was telling him how I was going to keep my hair braided for the summer and much to my surprise he told me and I quote,  “Men don’t like braids, they tolerate them but they don’t like them. Only women like braids.” He told me if I was to put my hair back into braids he would start a campaign to, “Free Lola” printed t-shirts and all. I simply laughed it off as the banter of a man who wears sunglasses at night in the darkness of  nightclubs (inside joke) but the following week a male co-worker also said something along those same lines and I couldn’t help but start to wonder, “Do men really hate braids?” Now I know not everything is for everyone and perhaps I should just chalk it up to that but still I kind of wonder if any of you ladies have heard anything like this too? I always thought braids were sexy, hell didn’t LL, “want a girl with extension in her hair”  Let me know what you think!


One Response to “We know girls love Beyonce, but do men hate braids?”

  1. katnatural April 15, 2014 at 3:35 pm #

    I know I’m late in responding but my opinion on men and braids is a deep one. This is my 5th time Big Chopping and going natural. I have been Natural off and on since 2005. In between my growth periods I have gotten braids. Usually I’ve kept them in for 2-6 months at a time till I achieved my desired length on my natural hair. When I rocked my natural hair men paid me not much mind especially when I was in the TWA stage. Most of my guy friends would say the same thing as you mentioned above. But let me tell you the day I went to get my micro braids I had more men approaching me at stop lights and parking lots then I could shake a stick at. Most men claim they don’t like braids but most of them do because most men love long hair. By the way I’m getting yarn braids this coming Saturday and I’m so excited. Yours look absolutely fantastic on you and I’m going to show her your picture as an idea of how I want mine to come out. You looksophisticated and classy with them.

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