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A Weekend So Crazy I Had to Blog About It!

5 Feb

Hi Beauties,

Normally I try to restrict my blog to posts about natural hair and fashion but last weekend was my birthday weekend and it was so crazy I had to share the story. For the record my birthday was Sunday but my sister decided that I would have a birthday weekend extravaganza and we would get turnt up all weekend long.


Friday night my sister and best friend and I went to a restaurant/night club in Cambridge, MA called Naga. It was freezing outside and the line was ridiculous considering there were no people inside. How did I know that there were no people inside well I could see into the place and it was empty. After standing outside in freezing temperatures for what seemed like an eternity we were finally let in and the misadventure that was to be my weekend began. The place was your typical nightclub, overcrowded, people dancing like they were trying to make babies right then and there, guys walking around holding personal bottles of liquor while wearing sunglasses at night in the club; the usual. I was having a good time, dancing with my sister and her roommate and then it happened some guy reached up (he was short and I was wearing heels) and put his hand in my hair. Seriously, if we were on a television show it would be the moment where the music stops and everyone stares at the culprit while I shouted, “Oh hell no.” But it wasn’t a television show and people are crazy so I bent down and tersely but politely told him, “You don’t touch people’s hair.” Now ladies, Lola (my hair) was looking extra fly that night (all weekend to be exact ) but still. He apologized and we went on with the night.

kiss hot


My sister organized a surprise get together for me at the Emerald Lounge in the Revere Hotel and we couldn’t get in! This place is the absolute worse, an overly pretentious lounge that I will never visit again. The doormen told us a half an hour we should be in the club, then that changed to a few more minutes. They kept us in line for an hour and a half only to shut the door down. Half of my party was in the line with me while the other half was inside the lounge. The saddest part was that the people who were leaving the nightclub were coming out and saying how the club was super whack and totally not worth waiting in line for. I really wanted to leave but since half of my party was already inside and had paid for parking I just waited and waited to get to the front of the line only for the doormen to say the door was closed. It was awful. I won’t even go into specifics about how I ended up at some supposed house warming which turned out to be a house party of epic hood proportions and the worst 40 minutes of my life. I’m talking people standing on furniture, weed smoking in a bed room, girl on girl action, culminating in a stolen cellphone and a promise to start banging on people -I don’t even know what that means.



Sunday, my actual birthday was a relaxing day. My mother, sister and I went to Stephi’s on Tremont St. and had brunch then went home and crashed.


Next year, no party for me, I ‘ll be in Barbados!

Rethinking the Sink/Float Porosity Test

28 Jan


When I first became natural, correction when my hair finally grew long enough for me to pluck a strand from my head, I did the hair strand sink/float test to check my hair’s porosity. I’d found mentions of this method to test porosity on just about every natural hair website and forum I came across. Naturally, (no pun intended) I assumed the test was a pretty accurate way to test porosity until yesterday when I came across a post on which made me question whether the sink/float porosity test is really just junk science. Quick aside- if your not sure what porosity has to do with hair,  basically it’s the measure of how your hair will absorb and hold moisture.

Junk Science – Hair Porosity Tests / Float or Sink


Ok so many of you write to me about porosity tests. These are the suggestions that you can test to see how porous your hair is by placing a few strands in water, wait for 10 minutes and see if the hair floats or sinks.

I have often said that I do believe that these type of tests are really very poor and very unscientific. Let me explain why:

1. Hair in general will almost always float in water. 

Many of you doing this test will note that your hair will float for ages and it may take some prodding to make it sink if it does at all. This is because hair is generally covered in oil. This oil is naturally produced sebum and any extra that you may use in your hair care routine will have an added impact. Now oil will always float on water, so your hair floating does not mean that it has low porosity. It does mean that your hair is light (which it is) and has a coating of oil that repels water (which it does).

2. What would happen if you washed off the oil on hair using shampoo then performed the test?

If you chose to do the test with hair that is freshly washed but not conditioned then that is really an artificial test because you would normally apply conditioner after a shampoo (Of course if you only shampoo then this test is not artificial for you). For most people hair will still float because there is usually still some residual oil.

3. Warm water or cold water?

Some say the temperature of the water does not matter but on a scientific level this is probably not true. The reason for this is

– Hair has a thin oil coating (warm/hot water removes oil to some extent)
– Hair is protein (most proteins will have small changes in structure if temperature changes)

However, the most likely observation that most people will have with a single strand of hair is that it will float.

4. If hair sinks, is this because it has taken up water?

If you place hair strands in water they are going to take up water, this is a fact and this is normal. The more your hair takes up water, the heavier it will get but it may still float because of the oil coating. Hair could indeed sink and many relate this to damage (bleaching or relaxing hair for example makes the cuticle more porous) but it could also be that your hair is naturally dense (i.e naturally weighs more).

So is there a scientific test to know how porous hair is?

Yes, there is and much like the proven tests to see if oil penetrates hair, it is a lab based test that is generally not an easy or cheap method to do. It is called gas sorption and involves detecting the flow of a gas (or air) through hair. It has been used to show that bleaching and UV damage do both indeed greatly change the porosity of hair ( Journal of cosmetic science 59.4 (2008): 303)

Is there a home – test for porosity?

There is no single test that I would say is reliable. Many people think that hair repelling water is a bad thing but it really is not, it is excellent. It means your hair has its oil coating and is working well. The oil coating cannot fully block out water coming in or out, it is a permeable barrier.

I do absolutely advocate for people to reject or accept products based on how they work. If a product leads your hair to be constantly dry, leave it. If a product makes your hair too mushy, stop using it. Find products that work by trusting yourself and your hair.

Written by JC of Natural Haven

Hair Goals for 2013

2 Jan

With the new year upon us, I figure it is time for me to create some hair goals. Since starting my natural journey I have been leery of setting hair goals. I want this process of growing out my hair to be enjoyable, full of self discovery, and self-love. I fear  that setting goals may create  expectations, which  if not achieved will turn this experience into something frustrating and disheartening. However, since one of my personal resolutions is to, “Go For It” I am going to give setting hair goals a try, understanding that sometimes it takes a while to achieve your goals so it is important to be patient. With that being said here are my hair goals for 2013!

My main  goal for 2013 is healthy hair!

* Retain maximum length-Hair grows about 6 inches per year and I want to retain all 6 inches or as close to 6 inches as I can get!

* Create a hair regimen

* Stop buying so many damn hair products!

*Be more adventurous with my hair-I was thinking a little color, maybe a cut or at least some funky protective styles

*Continue to educate myself about natural hair

What are your hair goals for 2013?


Happy New Year!

1 Jan


For My DMV Ladies, A Discussion on Hair

27 Dec

On January 11, 2013,  The Sanaa Circle of the National Museum of African Art is hosting a panel discussion entitled, “Let’s Talk  Hair.”  Moderator for the panel will be Constance White editor-in chief of Essence magazine.  Panelists will discuss hair and its connections with African and African American beauty and identity, African art and its role as a canvas for expression and as a measure of personal beauty and health. lets-talk-hair

I will be in DC on this date and am thinking about attending.


Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

24 Dec


It’s a Celebration!

7 Nov


Mymother, my sister and I stood in line for 2 hours yesterday evening to make sure that our voices were heard. And they were…




Congratulations Mr. President