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What’s missing from the natural hair conversation?

26 Feb

Morning ladies,

I want to get back to blogging and vlogging. However, first  I would like to know what do you ladies feel is missing from the conversation on natural hair. There are an abundance of “gurus” and amateurs out here talking about all kinds of the same topics. Seriously, have you ever tried to Google any natural hair term/topic/products?  The results are often overwhelming you have to wade through tons of  opinions and reviews just to find your answer. No shade but how many tutorials does a person need on how to do a  two-strand twist? I would like to attempt to fill a void in the natural hair conversation but I am not sure exactly what that void is, so I am asking you guys…

How To Care For Multi-Textured Natural Hair

16 Oct

My fellow naturalistas, can we talk?

I have come to you for advice on handling my multi-textured natural hair aka Lola. As my hair continues to grow I am realizing there are distinct differences in density and strand thickness/texture in many areas of my hair. The hair at my temples is fine, thin, straight, super fragile and short; one side is literally half the length of the surrounding areas. My sides are coarse and dense. The hair at my nape is also fine while my crown is of a looser texture. 

Because of these differences styling and moisturizing  is a bit of an issue. I feel like I have to treat certain areas of my hair well differently. I  have to be very careful with the temple area because the strands are so fragile and thin they tend to break off (a lesson I learned while taking out my braids). The hair on the sides which is also the coarsest often has issues absorbing products. When I twist my hair the definition around the temples (again the thin area) leaves a lot to be desired in comparison to other areas. I have to admit at times it gets a bit frustrating trying to care for and style these different textures so I am coming to my fellow naturalistas with multi-textured natural for help.

How do you manage your multi-textured hair?