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Viviscal Update

30 Dec

Hi Beauties,


I am on my second month using Viviscal and wanted to give a quick update on how things are going. First, Viviscal is damn expensive! It retails for about $49.99 per box however, if you buy 3 months/boxes at a time from directly from  the Viviscal website you get a discount. I am going to have to buy in bulk the next go round because trying to find it for a price lower than $35.00  is next to impossible and I have been stalking both Amazon and Ebay faithfully. Second, I am really pleased with my results thus far; my hair feels stronger and dare I say it my edges are growing/filling in. Party over hair indeed! I didn’t really notice if Viviscal is giving my growth rate a boost. I have been in yarn braids for much of the past three months so I haven’t really had a chance to measure however, my intention in using Viviscal was more to fill in the thin areas than to grow my hair faster. However, going forward I will try to pay more attention to growth. One more thing, I have added  a new set of vitamins to my vitamin/supplement, inside out healthy skin, hair, healthy living regimen, Nature Made Skin Beauty & Wellness Pack. I really like these vitamins but they have been discontinued and you can only get them on Amazon so I doubt I will be using them for long. That being said the wellness pack contains five different vitamins that help with skin, beauty and wellness: Green Tea & Alpha Lipoic Acid, Biotin, Lycopene, Vitamin C and a multivitamin.

Do you use supplements?

Naturally Curly Growth Chart

6 Nov

via Naturally Curly:  Are you frustrated about how slow your hair is growing, or want it to grow faster? We’ve put together this handy little hair growth infographic to help you figure out what’s normal as well as tips for helping your hair grow.