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20 Jun

Lions, Tigers and Bears….OH MY! Being a new natural can be a challenge. Trying to find hair products while creating a regimen can be overwhelming and with natural hair companies spreading like  reality stars legs  wild-fire it’s very easy to succumb to product junkism. Take myself for instance, I am a product junkie. Whew, that feels good to admit out loud,  let me try that again. Hi, my name is Barbie and I am a product junkie. My last purchase was about a week ago and it was 3 jars of Ampro Olive Oil Gel. I currently have two online shopping carts full of products and as I am typing this post my finger is twitching. I am fighting to keep it from clicking the other windows and hitting the check out buttons. I am not sure how I became a product junkie.  When my was relaxed I only had one shampoo and one conditioner but since I have gone natural…let’s just say I have more products than my three-inch TWA needs.



Crazy right? This picture was  taken 2 months ago and my product stash has since increased. While I  figure my ever-increasing stash will lead to some pretty awesome hair and a lot of product reviews I can’t help but wonder if I have  been a little over zealous in finding products for my hair. Should I have kept it simpler?  Is there a way to keep it simple since so much of creating a regimen is trial and error? What about you ladies? Have  you too succumbed to  product junkism or have you kept it simple?