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A Letter To My Skin

24 Jul

Dear skin (specifically on my face),

It’s me, Barbie. I know my new obsession with all things Lola and natural hair in general I has caused my to neglect you and you in turn have been acting out for attention. Therefore, I promise to do the following and maybe you can promise to STOP BREAKING OUT!

1)     I promise to wash my face every night no matter where I am or  how tired or tipsy I am  or whether I am trying to be sexy (okay if it’s sexy time it will have to wait until after it’s over but  still I promise to do it).

2)    I promise to use a  toner.

3)   I promise to use my Olay Regenerist  Pro-X (bootleg Clarisonic) to exfoliate you twice a week.

4)  I promise to never leave the house without sunscreen.

5)  I will increase my water intake and eat better.

6)  I will also clean off my work telephone and my cell at least once a week.

7)  I won’t pick at you or at least try not to.

*Hi  darlings- I am going to chronicle my quest  for beautiful skin. If you have any tips please do leave them in the comments.