What do you want me to review?

7 Feb

Hi Beauties,

If you didn’t already know I live in Massachusetts and we are going to have a wicked stawm this weekend. Since I haven’t done a product review in a while and I’ll pretty much be snowed in for a greater part of the weekend. I have decided to play in products so that I can do some product reviews. However, the question is what products should I review, and that is where you ladies come in. I would like for you to tell me what products you would like to see reviewed.

2 Responses to “What do you want me to review?”

  1. felicia February 8, 2013 at 2:43 pm #

    Hey Barbiedoll!
    How are you happy belated bday!! Well i am trying out the natural hair!! I grew all the perm out but need to go get a trim really bad. However i am having a really hard time trying to find products. It is overwhelming. I am especially spoiled because i am so used to wearing braids and just getting up and go. I am basically in search for a great shampoo, conditioner and some type of moisturizer for styling etc. I have tried bantu knots and braid outs. I Like it but it looks very dry!! So going through the process of elimination and trying not to get discouraged!! I love your look!! You be rocking it!! Waiting to see ya pic up in those modeling lights!!

    • iambarbiedee February 8, 2013 at 3:09 pm #

      Hey girl hey!
      Congrats on going natural! I would try the SheaMoisture products from the raw organic line (yellow labels) I think those products are really great. As far as dryness I have been using the LOC method which is liquid, oil, cream, so I have been applying a leave in to my freshly washed and deep conditioned hair, then applying olive oil then twisting my hair with whatever cream or butter. During the week I re-twist my hair at night so I have a spray bottle with a little water, conditioner and oil and I spritz my hair then retwist. My hair has felt much more moisturized!

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